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What we offer

Polypropylene Bags (PP)

The world’s most produced synthetic plastic, PP is not only economical to produce, but also offers incredible useful performance characteristics. If you want to get the best PP, contact us.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Bags (BOPP):

A variant of polypropylene, BOPP film can be made transparent, allowing you to show off the content that is there in clear containers. We offer high quality BOPP that is perfect for use in the food and packaging industry.

Calcium carbonate powder and limestone powder

We offer top quality calcium carbonate and limestone powder that we Import from Egypt. Want to get it? All you have to do is contact us

Special features of our products

Linear Bags

UV stabilization

Capacity 10 to 100 kg

Customized colours, patterns, size and format

Protection from leakage

Moisture proof

Printed design, logo and branding

Your choice of stitching – single ,double with or without Top Hemming .

Why Choose Us?

Qualified experts

At Shiva Polymers Pvt. Ltd, we have a team of highly-skilled and qualified experts. Our Board of Directors are not only qualified, but also have years of experience in this field.

State-of-the-art manufacturing unit

Our manufacturing unit consists of state-of-the-art machinery and plants that are used for making the polymer tapes, performing the stitching and printing and weaving them into fabrics.

Affordable products

All our products are cost-effective without compromising the quality. We love our customers and so we manufacture products that are within their reach.

Timely delivery

We deliver your products on time – no matter in which corner of the world you live in. Could you ask for more?

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our customers are our top priority. We strive to satisfy our customers by constantly innovating as well as upgrading the technology. If you are happy, we are happy!

International standards maintained

We maintain international standards to make sure that the products that we manufacture are of the highest quality. We have an in-house test equipment and a well-equipped laboratory for developing and testing our products. Not only the sacks and the bags, but also their woven fabrics are very attractive, strong, economical and durable. Quality is maintained at every stage of the process.

Customized products

We understand our customers and know that not all customers have the same requirement. This is why we offer customised products to our clients. Let us know about you preferable specifications of size, mesh, capacity, colour, auto filling, printing, denier – and you will get exactly what you want!

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