Bopp – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Bags

Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags (BOPP) are those bags that have been stretched in across the machine as well as the machine direction. Available in different standard specifications, our bags have high clarity, transparency and maximum tensile strength. We manufacture BOPP pouches of all microns ranging from 6 to 50. Our main area of BOPP supply is textile , stones , Food Packing Etc.

Features and Advantages of BOPP Bags

1. Resistance to UV light

2.Lower overall costs as they don’t tear or puncture like paper bags

3.High tensile strength


5.Excellent clarity enables to show off the product it contains

6.Good dimensional stability as well as flatness


8.High gloss making it easy to clean

9.Great for marketing purposes

10.Improved stiffness adds an attractive feel to the entire packaging

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