With years of experience in this field, we are indulged in manufacturing as well as exporting a wide range of calcium carbonate and limestone powder. We Import these products from Egypt. There are various types of calcium carbonate powder that we provide you with. While some are produced from extremely white limestone, others are made from extremely pure limestone. We offer limestone powder of different microns. This powder has an extreme whiteness. It is manufactured from an exceptionally white limestone consisting of excellent matting qualities.

*Features and advantages of Calcium carbonate and limestone powder

. High brightness

. Good matting properties

. Provides the highest cost-effective balance of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties

. Can be treated to improve dispersion and ease handling

. Great gloss

. Higher impact strength

*Usage of Calcium Carbonate Powder.

. Lacquer paints

. PVC pipes,

. Master batch

. Omyalen

. PVC cables

. PVC compounds

. Powder inks

. As a filler in Polypropylene so that a good balance of rigidity as well as strength can be achieved

*Usage of Limestone Powder

. Constructions

. Wall putties

. Solvent-based decorative paints

. Water-based decorative paints

. Sealants

. Protective coating

. Rubber moldings

. Adhesives

For technical details of our products, please have a look at the PDFs mentioned below. Want to have the highest quality limestone and calcium carbonate powder? Get it now!