PP – Polypropylene Bags

If you are looking for strong and puncture resistant bags, then this Polypropylene Bag would be the right choice. This bag works great for transporting a wide variety of materials. The best thing about this bag is that it is lightweight, letting you carry a lot of products in it including grass seeds, nuts and bolts, logs, rice, waste papers and a lot more. In most cases, you can carry products in this bag weighted between 10-50 kg. .

Features and Advantages

. Long lasting and tough

. Naturally resistant to tear

. Can be reused a number of times

. Ideal for storing various loose products

. Value for money

. Protection from UV

. Available in a number of shapes and sizes

. Protection from moisture

Our supply areas

We are currently supplying the PP in the following areas –

. Cement

. Fertilizer

. Petrochemicals

. Export

. Sugar

If you want a durable bag to store sugar, look no further. This Polypropylene Bag is perfect for the purpose. Grab it before it’s gone!